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Sports Medicine – Types of Diagnosis

The department specializes in three basic areas:

  1. Overall health evaluation focused on detection of hidden heart diseases with possible fatal implications - PRESENTATION
  2. Direct diagnostics of circulatory, pulmonary and metabolic sturdiness and fitness of organism including consequent interpretation and application in the training process so that training methods are as effective as possible (spiroergometric measuring, lactate curve, consultations with coaches, etc.)
  3. Determination of optimum intensity and type of physical load in body weight reduction programs

We perform examinations as follows

  • Basic sports medical examinations to determine capability for certain sports with a special emphasis on prevention of sudden death during sports activities (examination for a „medical seal“).
  • Examination of basic anthropometric characteristics, basic spirometric and spiroergometric examinations including determining basic haematologic and biochemical characteristics essential for playing particular sports. Recommendations of necessary specialized examinations upon detection of anomalies in health condition.
  • Health condition objectification and determination of the optimal intensity of physical perseverance load during top level and recreational sports, including those whoexercise despite suffering various diseases. Examinations are aimed at primary and secondary prevention of civilization diseases.
  • Examination of registered and top sportsmen aimed at optimizing the training process (determining aerobic and anaerobic-aerobic threshold, etc.).
  • Examination leading to determining the optimum physical load in body weight reduction programs.
  • Examination of applicants for studies at universities with orientation to sports, including military academies requiring a recommendation from a sports medicine physician.
  • Examination within managerial programs (diagnostic-preventive survey, recommendation of basic dietary, pharmacotherapeutic, regimen and antiaging measures) including physical activity programs adjusted for stress.
  • Examination of children to ascertain their suitability to a particular sport (physical height forecasting, determining of VO2 max values required for perseverance disciplines, etc.)
  • Consultations on diet and drinking regime at sports.