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The clinic currently focuses mainly on the issue of clinical oncology in pneumology both at the patient department and in the newly established outpatient short stay ward. The section is led by the erudite oncologist MUDr. J. Roubec, Ph.D.; diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are consulted at common meetings with oncologists, thoracic surgeons and radiologists once a week. It is a standard for the clinic to deal with full spectre of lung diseases.

Bronchological section provides both common and invasive bronchological examinations including the interventions at operating rooms, ARD, ICU at UHO and application of brachytherapy at the Oncological Clinic. Thanks to completion of a costly investment of UHO, the modern centre of invasive bronchology was put into operation. It will gradually be able to provide effectively all currently available bronchological examinations (videobronchoscopy, autofluorescency, NBI, electrocauterisation, lasertherapy, stenting, rigid bronchoscopy, foreign body extraction,... for all age groups). Continuous emergency is ensured at the centre (chief physician MUDr. J. Roubec, PhD., MUDr. T. Bártek).

Cytological examinations including detailed BAL evaluations are provided for by the Pathological Anatomy Institute of the Social Health Department of the Ostrava University under the leadership of Doc. MUDr. J. Horáček, CSc.

Functional laboratory with new instrumentation by the German company ZAN is able to offer the following examinations:

  • Spirometry - flowrate-volume loop, bronchodilatation tests, bronchoprovoking tests (metacholine, load).
  • Whole body pletysmography - respiratory tract resistances, TGV, diffusion lung capacity - SB, rhinomanometry.
  • Compliance, spiroergometry (bicycle, running device).

Selection from the list of the said examinations will substantially facilitate to specify the forecast of the operation risk in patients planned for pulmonary and extrapulmonary operations under total anaesthesia. Spirometric examinations with focus on needs of sports medicine are performed also on commercial orders placed by sports clubs or individually according to valid pricelist of UHO with possible agreement on quantity discounts.

This examination may be ordered by phone at 597 372 523, 597 374 240 (MUDr. Dušíková, MUDr. Popelková, MUDr. Rydlo).

TRD Clinic, UH Ostrava is a natural regional centre, with patients coming from most adjacent districts of Ostrava. However, it cooperates also with similarly focused centres in the Czech Republic. Its aim is full accreditation in pulmonary disciplines in current implementation of medical care system.

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