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Transplantation medicine is the medicine with great perspective and comprises not only the transplantation of organs as such and post-transplantation care, but always the withdrawal of organs as well. Transplantation treatment of irreversible failure of a vital organ in the Czech Republic is currently provided by seven transplantation centres, one of which is the Transplantation Centre at UH Ostrava, which performs renal transplantations from both deceased and living donors to patients in terminal stage of renal failure.

These patients are indicated for periodical haemodialysis treatment in catchment haemodialysis centres.

Physicians (HDS nephrologists) refer patients suitable for registration in the Waiting List for renal transplantation to examination at the Nephrological Outpatient Surgery of the Internal Clinic and UHO Transplantation and Vascular Outpatient Surgery. There are approx. 60 patients registered in the Waiting List of our region.

Renal transplantation is the most efficient treatment of chronic renal failure. In comparison with dialyzing therapy it makes the expected survival period double. Renal transplantation from a living donor results in significantly better results than transplantation from a deceased donor. The time of waiting for transplantation is a strong independent factor having adverse impact on mortality and survival of grafts. Pre-emptive performance of renal transplantation is optimal, i.e. as early as before commencing chronic dialyzing therapy.

Apart from transplantation activity, the Transplantation Centre ensures removal of organs intended for transplantation from both deceased and live donors. Renal withdrawal from live donors are performed using the most advanced laparoscopic method.

Transplantation and withdrawing activity of the Transplantation Centre is in compliance with applicable legislation.

Current legislation of the Czech Republic is based on the assumed consent of citizens to performance of withdrawal of organs for transplantation purposes. In the event of disapproval of post-mortem withdrawal of tissues and organs, it is necessary to register in the National register of person disapproving of post-mortem withdrawal of tissues and organs. Detailed information about the procedure is provided at

The Transplantation Centre is a very specific workplace - its main task is a precise and prompt coordination of activities of the withdrawal and transplantation teams consisting of physicians and paramedics of other clinics and departments both in case of diagnosed death of brain of the potential donor and upon the withdrawal or transplantation as such. This applies to the following workplaces:

  • Clinic of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation
  • Surgery Clinic
  • Transplantation ICU of the Clinic of Internal Medicine
  • Neurology Clinic
  • Radiodiagnostic Institute
  • Clinic of Nuclear Medicine
  • HLA and Blood Centre laboratory
  • Department of Operating Rooms
  • Institute of Pathology

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