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The Outpatient Clinic for people who wish to travel abroad

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This clinic provides all vaccinations and issues the international vaccination certificate. It also provides complete care to people traveling on business to both standard areas and areas with increased health hazard. Preparation of a person for working abroad is performed by an internal medicine physician with fellowship in the occupational medicine, who is trained in all aspects of medical care for travelers, tropical diseases, vaccination, and who is able to receive current information on health hazards from all around the world.

The care itself is based on a comprehensive medical examination before the departure to ensure that the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic compensation is available to the client (if necessary). The highlighted emphasis is paid to the work-related history (working conditions, work technology and the specific work activities), method of transport to workplace, eating and leisure activities. In an interview the person is made acquainted with health risks in the region, also is made familiar with the way the anti malarial drugs and other medicaments are usually applied and is given advice how to solve health-related problems. The vaccination is carried out and the international vaccination certificate is issued. In case of prolonged stays, a psychological examination is required. Client is given an assessment on health capability of the proposed employment in the working position and area.

After returning from the area with increased level of health hazard, a comprehensive medical examination is made once again, focusing merely on the employee´s health problems and working activity. A report on health condition after arrival from abroad is issued on the basis of this examination. If an employee required a treatment abroad, the foreign medical documentation is thoroughly evaluated and the current state of the employee health is determined. In case of illness, the profession where the disease appeared is considered. If the occupational illness has been diagnosed, it is reported according to the attachment to the government regulation no. 290/1995, defining a list of applicable occupational diseases. Both diseases emerging during work in epidemiologically sensitive areas or in contagiously high risk areas (tropical and parasitic diseases (Chapter V, item 3), and but also other diseases that fall into the list of occupational diseases and were the disease is proven to originate during work must be reported.