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The occupational medical care contracts
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The examinations of proposal and assessment of an occupational illness
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Plethysmography and Spirometry testing
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To make an appointment at the Outpatient Travelling Medicine Clinic
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The examinations of proposal and assessments of occupational illnesses and injuries

  • Comprehensive examination onsite of a workplace (University Hospital)
  • Issue of the report for pain compensation and compensation for complication with social capacity
  • Follow-up of patients with occupational illness and of patients with a risk of developing an occupational illness (for differential diagnosis of serious diseases, especially lung, rheumatic, endocrine, systemic which may have the same clinical picture).
  • Counseling services in the field of occupational illness.

Preventive medical care within industrial units

  • Occupational medical care: health assessment to determine the ability to work in certain profession: entry examination, preventative, continuous and exit examinations (under a contract with a company)

    • We provide a comprehensive examination of workers within one working day, including consultation service,
    • We compensate (therapeutically, by adopting certain measures on site) revealed illnesses,
    • We cooperate with the company management in order to prevent employees from getting ill due to an occupational hazards (regular visits to working sites, health related trainings for employees)
  • Cooperation with specialists in occupational diseases:
    • Consultation assessment: plethysmography and spirometric examinations, including bronchitis provocative tests
    • Consultation service.

Health care for people with allergies in the working process and their inclusion into the work process

  • Determination of a severity for allergy risk while working in a certain profession:
    - a comprehensive medical examination of an allergic profile of an employee
    - familiarization with the workplace and working conditions,
    - testing the sensibility of possible allergens related to the occupation.
  • Monitoring of clinical status in regular intervals according to the observed severity of the allergenic risk.

Health care for employees travelling abroad

  • Assessment of the health condition in relation to the ability to work abroad.
  • Care for a person travelling to region with health hazards and epidemiologic risks (the medicine compensation, vaccination, education, check-up after return)
  • Assessment of the health condition on request of worldwide organizations (elaboration of foreign language forms, issuing certificates of examinations confirming the actual health condition and evaluation of particular examinations).

Health care (with the intention to enable to work an particular profession)

  • Patients with high blood pressure working night shifts and in physically demanding professions.
  • Treatment of locomotive disorders, vasoneurosis and neuropathy in patients with varying work load or various identified occupational illnesses.
  • People suffering from allergies that are included back in the work process
  • Cardiovascular compensations requiring a special approach due to the presence of some occupational diseases (patients suffering from high blood pressure with pneumoconiosis, COPD, or vasoneurosis etc.).

Monitoring of patients with occupational intoxication issues

  • Assessment of occupational illness and follow-up of patients with occupational poisoning.
  • Follow-up and treatment for workers with higher levels of toxins in the blood or urine without organ damage (treatment: the administration or lending of chelate that are not registered in the Czech Republic, are provided by our office).