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The Psychiatric department provides comprehensive care to patients with entire spectrum of mental disorders. It takes advantage of the opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration with other leading departments of our hospital. Through counseling, physicians and psychologists provide psychiatric and psychological care to patients of all clinics and departments throughout the hospital. In caring for patients, a bio-psycho-social model of illness is applied and psychotherapy is thus an integral part of treatment. To ensure continuity of treatment in particular, we cooperate with outpatient psychiatrists and psychologists in the Moravian region, and psychiatric clinics, therapeutic and psychiatric departments in the whole Czech Republic.

Our physicians and psychologists are dedicated to teaching students at the Faculty of Health Studies and the Faculty of Social Studies at the University of Ostrava and these students undergo practical training in the department. In recent years, traditions like the organization of regional seminars as well as open days, where patients’ work is exhibited have been established. Our results in the field of scientific and clinical research activities are continuously presented at both national and international conferences and congresses.

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