Information about the realization of projects financed from Norway Grants


1. „Prevention of paediatric injuries, FN Ostrava"

The target condition of individual activities of the project is the formation of preventive units, their equipment and putting into operation. The aim of the project is the construction of new premises within the Traumatology Centre for paediatric patients; it will be achieved through reconstruction and adjustment of the current premises in order to create new trauma units and furthermore also adjustment of premises at the Department of Paediatric Medicine. A total of four new workplaces will be established; these will be further supplied with necessary furniture, computer technology, rehabilitation devices and diagnostic aids and instruments. Another part of the project is aimed at creation of educational programs, serving for education of healthcare professionals, as well as intended for patients and their parents.


2. "Prevention of consequences of diseases and health problems in the paediatric age, FN Ostrava"

The target condition of the project activities is the streamlining of secondary and tertiary prevention in children with "risks of early age" and in children with other health problems. Individual workplaces will be equipped with necessary instruments and medical technologies. Another part of the project is aimed at creation of educational programs, serving for education of healthcare professionals, as well as intended for patients and their parents.


3. „FN Ostrava – Construction of day care facility for complex rehabilitation in psychiatric care"

The realization of the project, which started on 14th January 2015, was successfully accomplished on 30th April 2017. In accordance with the approved time schedule of the project, all planned activities have been completed. First of all, these include finalization of tender procedures and subsequent supply of instruments, aids and equipment required for realization of the project. Furthermore, education of the staff has been realized, together with the remaining elements of publicity. The Day-Care Facility belonging to the Department of Psychiatry, University Hospital Ostrava, the building of which was successfully completed by issuing a final building approval on 11th October 2016, has started its operation according to the adjusted time schedule from 1st March, with a program for clients with neurotic disorders. The programme for psychic disorders began on 1st May. The contents of the day-care facility correspond with the planned programme, and include participation of a physician, psychologist, ergotherapists, physiotherapists, a social worker, and nutrition therapist. Participation of partner organization within the project has been specially designed for the program of psychotic disorders. Cooperation with the partner from Norway has ended; the Hospital Information System has been successfully expanded.All indicators of the project have been met. All five components, which form the system of complex rehabilitation, have been introduced and are in operation. The planned number of clients who were provided care at the day-care facility as of 31st July 2017 has also been met. A total of forty patients attended the program for neurotic disorders; sixteen patients were provided care within the program for psychotic disorders.Regarding the publicity of the project, a press conference was held on 24th April 2017. It was presided by Ing. Tomáš Oborný, MBA, spokesperson of the University Hospital Ostrava. The conference was opened by Ing. Ivo Žolnerčík, Vice-President for Technology and Operation, other speakers were Irina Chmelová, MD, PhD, MBA Head-Physician of the Dept. of Clinical Rehabilitation and Petr Šilhán, MD, PhD, Head-Physician of the Dept. of Psychiatry, who responded to journalists’ questions.Other activity performed within the publicity of the project was a closing ceremony, with the participation of representatives of the grant provider. The closing ceremony was opened on 24th April 2017, at 12 pm, by Ing. Ivo Žolnerčík, who summarized the overall benefit of the realized projects, for the University Hospital Ostrava, and namely for its patients. Other lectures were held by guarantors of individual projects, Irina Chmelová, MD, PhD, MBA for the project of paediatric injuries, and Petr Šilhán, MD, PhD for the project of psychiatry, who presented detailed information and explained the benefit of the projects. Part of the presentation was also a sample of videos prepared during the projects.A permanent commemorative plaque was placed in the hall of the Domov sester building.
At present, only financial and administrative settlement of the project is going on.