Centre for operations of infectious patients and septic medicine


University Hospital Ostrava is currently realizing a project "Centre for operations of infectious patients and septic medicine" within the 3rd call of the Financial Mechanisms of the European Economic Area and Norway.


Construction of infectious operating theatres is related to the extensive reconstruction of a part of the hospital – Traumatology Centre and emergency department, which started with vacating and preparation of individual areas for reconstruction. First of all, reconstruction and reorganization of the storage of material and technical equipment was realized. Subsequently, the storage of medical supplies was moved to the premises of the storage of material and technical equipment. Reconstruction of the area for the newly constructed central sterilization began in the vacated premises of the storage of medical supplies. Following relocation of the central sterilization, without any interruption of its operation, another reconstruction was commenced in the original, now vacant premises of central sterilization, and the area will serve for the purpose of Infectious operating theatres. Construction works of the project have begun on 1st November 2010, following a successful tender for selection of the supplier, "AKC-Morys", s.r.o. Association.

Our project is a part of the reconstruction of the Complex Traumatology Centre. The construction of two new infectious operating theatres will be followed by a construction of six new ICU beds and six new beds for the Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation Department.

The anticipated term for finalizing the realization of the whole project is 31st March 2011.

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