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We Offer

  • The pharmacy provides a full range of specialized pharmaceutical care to clinics, hospital departments and outpatient facilities.
  • It is responsible for the purchase of pharmaceuticals from distributors and producers, provision of prescription drugs, medical vouchers, selling of off-prescription drugs and distribution of the drugs required by its own clinics and departments as well as external customers.
  • It prepares bougies and laboratory diagnostic aids as required by laboratories in the examination wards.
  • It prepares aseptic material and parenteral nutrition all-in-one, while conforming to the requirements of the individual UH departments.
  • It provides parenteral and enteral nutrition as required within home nutrition support.
  • It prepares cytotoxic drugs for the UH’s needs.
  • It provides vaccines and sera both for routine inoculation and people going abroad.
  • It contributes to the creation of positive drug lists, pharmaco-economy and UH’s drug policy.