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The hospital did not have its own pharmacy until 1951. Previously, drugs were supplied by the local pharmacy (Seichert’s) located near the hospital. When a new hospital pharmacy was established in 1951, its early years were very exiguous. Its first employees were A. Šimeček, M.D. and František Eigel, Pharm.D., from 1953 also Libuše Závodná, Pharm.D.


In 1956 the pharmacy was taken over by Ervín Výležník, Pharm.D. who significantly improved the working conditions.


Between 1962 and 1971 the pharmacy was managed by Eva Vrchlabská, Pharm.D.

When the Regional Health Center in Ostrava-Poruba was opened in 1973 it included a branch of the hospital pharmacy used by the Center patients, however in rather limited space conditions. After some of the hospital’s departments were moved to Poruba, construction work commenced in Zábřeh to extend the local pharmacy – it was moved into the building where just the central laboratory was located until that time. As the building is located in the immediate vicinity of a local public road, a minor extension was added in 1980 after the pharmacy was relocated. The pharmacy entrance became accessible from the road and therefore it started to be used by the general public to compensate for the closed pharmacy in Ruská street in Zábřeh. At this time the pharmacy was managed by Zdeněk Milata, Pharm.D. and later Mrs. Moslerová, Pharm.D.


The pharmacy in Poruba entered service in 1982 as a new part of the Regional Health Center facility and it created a complex of several regional stations. The intention of the complex was to become a professional, controlling, executive and supervisory centre not only for the Regional Health Center but the whole Region of North Moravia. Along with the pharmacy in Poruba it consisted of such facilities as the Pharmacy Department, the Laboratory for Safety of Medicines, Pharmacy of the Regional Health Center in Zábřeh and the Galenical Laboratory in Zábřeh. In this period the pharmacy service center of the Regional Health Center in Ostrava-Poruba was one of the top facilities in Czechoslovakia.


The first head pharmacist after the Velvet Revolution was Jiří Etzler, M.Sc. who was replaced by Dušan Křiva, Pharm.D. in 1992.


The winner of the selection procedure in 1994 was Marta Kollárová, M.Sc. In the same year the pharmacy was moved from Zábřeh and integrated with the pharmacy in Poruba. The pharmacy is located in two floors of the examination complement building, which the patients enter through the health center building. It has 70 rooms and is divided into departments.


In January 1996 the pharmacy expanded its services to include a non-stop emergency service used by the University Hospital departments as well as the general public in Ostrava.


Since 2004 the UH pharmacy has been certified for the ISO 9001:2000 quality management system.


In 2007 the pharmacy was SAK accredited.