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Clinic of Pediatric Neurology

The Pediatric Neurology Clinic is unique in the Moravian-Silesian and surrounding region as it is the only inpatient facility of its type in the field of pediatric neurology.

We provide treatment and diagnoses to neurologically ill children from newborns, toddlers, adolescents and teenagers with on-going treatment continued into adulthood where required.

The operation of the Pediatric Neurology Clinic consists of complex diagnostics and the treatment of neurological diseases in a wide range of fields, in accordance with the latest and most modern medical trends, the observation of treatment effects, the prognoses of a range of diseases, the securing of patients in the social sphere (supplying equipment for the disabled, social benefits (including educational opportunities to integrate the handicapped), ensuring follow up treatment, treatment (re-educational, rehabilitative, spa, institutional etc.). A close cooperation with the family is essential, particularly regarding chronically ill children, as is cooperation with schools.

Outpatien Clinics of Pediatric Neurology

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