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In 2003, volunteers entered the ground of the University Hospital. The aim of introduction of the volunteer movement into the hospital was to bring something new into the patient's life and make the stay of a seriously ill patient in the hospital environment more pleasant. These activities are performed by specifically trained volunteers who attend the oncological clinic of UHO. At first, these people complete a course organized by the Charity of Ostrava and after the completion they receive a certificate, with which they may start working at the hospital.

Who are the volunteers?

The volunteer is a man who has freely decided to devote his/her time, energy and capabilities in favour of another man and provide their assistance free of charge. A volunteer in the hospital does not substitute the work of medical staff, but makes effort to contribute to improvement of the patient's quality of life through their willingness to listen, talk about common things or just spend time with a person who is full of anxiety and sorrow.

Finally, only a few words said by one of the volunteers: "I do not do this work for free at all, I am paid more than I deserve. A single smile of a suffering person for me is like a million in the bank".

Where you can find us?


Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava
17. listopadu 1790, 708 52 Ostrava-Poruba
GPS: 49° 49' 36" N / 18° 09' 40" E
Phone: +420 597 371 111, E-mail:

Visiting hours

Each day from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00  p.m.

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