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We wish to provide top services to our patients in a wide spectre of medical disciplines. We will provide comprehensive medical care through joint teams of specialists in many qualifications. Our goal is to rank among the best three hospitals in the Czech Republic. We will create the image of excellent, reliable and friendly hospital. We will carry over the results of scientific and research activity into the patient care. We intend to build our success on qualified and motivated employees. Positive economic results and their continuous improvement is the necessary precondition of our development and growth.

Basic values

  • Our main goal is patient-centred and top quality treatment.
  • Positive economic results are indispensable to our further development.
  • We want our employees to be committed to the excellence of their work and challenge them to the highest achievement.
  • Responsive co-operation of individuals and teams is a necessary condition for our success.
  • We are loyal to the hospital.

Where you can find us?


Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava
17. listopadu 1790, 708 52 Ostrava-Poruba
GPS: 49° 49' 36" N / 18° 09' 40" E
Phone: +420 597 371 111, E-mail:

Visiting hours

Each day from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00  p.m.

Map of the Premises