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The department consists of a complex of 15 air-conditioned operating rooms with advanced equipment serving for procedures in all operating disciplines represented at the UH. (Clinic of Surgery, Traumatology Centre, Urology Centre, Ophtalmic Clinic, Clinic of Oral, Maxillary and Facial Surgery, Centre of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery, Neurosurgery Clinic, Cardiosurgery Centre and Otorhinolaryngology Clinic). Obstetrics and Gynaecology Clinic disposes of separate operating rooms situated in newly opened Mother and Child Care Pavilion.

Increasing emphasis is placed on miniinvasive procedures, for which there is corresponding top equipment of the operating rooms in this area. Arrangement structure of the operating room allows for strict separation of septic operations from complicated bone and vascular operations that require unconditional meeting of strict sterility measures. The operators have also available several microscopes for microsurgical procedures, particularly in neurosurgery and reattachment of fingers and limbs. The department is further equipped with several mobile X-ray amplifiers necessary for ostheosyntheses and vascular surgeries.

Operation of the operating rooms has a close relation to the activity of Central Sterilization Department, which allows from safe and immediate provision of materials and instrumentation necessary for operating procedures.