Working Hours



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The inpatient units

A3 station
+420 597 374 355

A4 station
+420 597 374 348

A5 station
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Visiting hours:
Daily between 3.00 pm and 6.00 pm

The inpatient units are located between 3rd and 5th  floor and the department has total capacity of 66 beds. In standard inpatient units we provide all curative, non-adjuvant, adjuvant and palliative treatment of solid tumors - radiotherapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy. The inpatient unit admits those patients whose condition does not allow an outpatient treatment or patients who for various reasons (due to place of residence, etc.) prefer to be hospitalized. In the inpatient units, in addition to the standard beds, there are also beds designated for palliative and supportive care, specifically used by patients in advanced stages of cancer with an objective to minimize their difficulties and maintain the highest possible quality of life. In areas of palliative and supportive therapy we cooperate with hospice agencies, we offer consultation and help with establishing of home hospice-like care. We also offer the possibility of using higher standard, single and double rooms, where an accommodation for family members is possible.