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Outpatient Clinic

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Chemotherapy day clinic
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The outpatient clinic is located on the ground floor of the department and the reception facilitates your first visit with us. In the outpatient clinic, the patient is given an optimal plan for the therapeutic strategy, undergoes all testing procedures prior to systematic treatment and continues with follow-up after the treatment is finished. We also offer the possibility of consultation with a nutritional therapist, physiotherapist and a social worker. In case the client wishes so, we also arrange the service of a psychologist or a spiritual support.

The Consultation Outpatient Clinic

In the Consultation Outpatient Clinic, our doctors provide consultation service for cooperating hospitals in accordance with the below mentioned schedule. At the stated time, the basic examination of patients is also possible without prior booking

Monday Skin cancer (Dr. Březinová)

Tuesday Cancer of gastrointestinal tract (Dr. Bořuta),

Lymphoma (Dr. Skácelíková)

Wednesday Breast cancer (Dr.Koutňáková, Dr. Dokulil),

Lung cancer (Dr. Dokulil)

Thursday Urooncology (Dr. Hájek, Dr. Cvek)

Head and Neck Tumors (Dr. Cvek)

Friday Oncogynecology (Dr. Štefánek, Dr. Růčka),

Brain and Spinal cord Tumors (Dr. Růčka)


The Outpatient Specialty Clinic

The Outpatient Specialty Clinic provides an initial examination of the patient before a systematic treatment is commenced, as well as for the monitoring and follow-up during the treatment therapy. It also provides the post-treatment follow-up and supportive and symptomatic therapy.

The Chemotherapy Day Clinic

Patients receiving anti-cancer chemotherapy, immunotherapy or biological therapy have a choice to undergo their treatment as outpatient clients in the Chemotherapy Day Clinic.  Care is provided by qualified doctors and team of nurses that are always available in the application treatment rooms. The facility performs chemotherapy, immunotherapy and biological therapy of solid tumors. To shorten waiting times and enable the most pleasant course of treatment, chemotherapy can be administered in two work shifts, in total eleven hours a day.

As we bare the title the Complex Oncology Center with a guarantee of the Czech Society of Oncology, we are entitled to administer the latest biological treatment drugs from the group of monoclonal antibodies. We are involved in a whole range of research clinical trials testing theses latest anti-cancer drugs. The current list of trials is listed in a separate section.