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The department was opened on 21st October 1950. This facility was establishmed as the result of the efforts of two predictable physicians, Dr. Josef Adámek and Dr.Vaclav Renč who both realized the need of a special facility for oncology patients. The department of radiation therapy was then established in the building of a castle in the village Paskov, which had stood there since the 13th century.  The opening of the Department of Oncology meant a tremendous advantage for patients with malignant tumors, as it was for the first time when oncology patients received proper attention from the health care staff in the North Moravia.


In 1973, the operation of the Radiotherapy Department at the Regional hospital with policlinics in Ostrava-Poruba was officially commenced.


In 1996, both departments merged into one Radiotherapy Department in the University Hospital of Ostrava.


In 2005, the operation of Paskov facility was terminated and the provision of full oncology care was transferred to the University Hospital in Ostrava-Poruba.


In January 1st 2006, the Czech Society of Oncology committee ČLS JEP (ČOS) selected the base network of 18 facilities, where a complete care is guaranteed to patients in regards to diagnosis and treatment of the cancer diseases. The network comprises top facilities bearing the status of Complex Oncology Center (KOC) or a Complex Oncology Group (KOS). Hence, on January 1st 2006, the Complex Oncology Centre of the University Hospital of Ostrava was established.


In 2007 the center has changed its name to the Clinic of Oncology.