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Uro-gynecology Outpatient Clinic

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Our clinic is intended to diagnose, treat and follow-up on patients suffering from incontinence, miction problems and structural failure of pelvic floor (prolapse, descense). We provide a comprehensive examination of the patient with the particular problem: a clinical and laboratory examinations, urodynamic examination (filling cystometry, profilometer, uroflow), ultrasound examination of lower urinary tract and pelvis.

We closely cooperate with the Urology Department of the University Hospital of Ostrava (Head Physician Dr. Jan Krhut) that provides additional diagnostic methods (video-urodynamics, cystoscopy) and with the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Clinic. Once a month we organize a superconsiliar multi-science clinic attended by a gynecologist, urologist, physiotherapist and proctologist that are devoted to particularly problematic patients. The outpatient clinic fully provides conservative treatment and surgical treatment at the gynecological operating theatres, where we perform reconstructive gynecological surgeries and anti-incontinence surgeries using the latest techniques (TVT, TVT-O).