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The Outpatient Clinic for Child and Adolescent Gynecology

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The Outpatient Clinic of Gynecology for Children and Adolescents deals with diseases of the genitals of girls from birth to the age of 19. In addition to preventative examinations and advice on contraception, we also offer testing and treatment of discharge, painful conditions, menstrual cycle disorders, hormonal disorders, genetic anomalies, congenital anomalies and tumors of the genitals. We also provide treatment of uterinesynechia and genital injuries or screening after abdominal surgeries. Experienced doctors with erudition in pediatric gynecology always try to adapt the necessary examinations to the age and the girl's mental state. For the examination there is a high quality medical ultrasonic equipment available and the possibility of microscopic examination of samples directly during the surgery is also beneficial. The tools are tailored to suit the size and shape of the children’s female genitalia to avoid an injury or violation of their vaginal corona. The aim is obviously to carry out all the necessary examinations sensitively and above all painlessly.

During the ultrasound examination it is necessary that the girl’s bladder is full. Therefore, she should drink a liter of fluid about an hour before the examination. It is advisable to take the menstrual calendar to the examination.