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The Day Center for Chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy is often an integral part of the comprehensive treatment of some tumor diseases. Since 2002 we provide at our Oncology Day Center both systematic and local administration of chemotherapy in patients with ovarian malignancy, preoperative combined chemotherapy in bulky cervical malignancies, enabling a subsequent radical surgical treatment. The Oncology Day Center is a part of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Department and it provides the possibility to undergo the whole comprehensive treatment at one site. This fact as well as the prevailing outpatient administration of chemotherapy significantly increases the satisfaction of our patients. The Day Center is equipped with a bed and with special seating furniture for a convenient administration of chemotherapy, it has its own ensuite bathroom and it is equipped with a television, radio, CD player and coffee maker, which together with a humane and individual approach by specially trained nurses enables the patients to better endure the arduous treatment. An integral part is the chemotherapy preparation room with modern equipment, which is suitable for the individual needs of the individual patients according to the appropriate treatment. Given the seriousness of malignant diseases, which present not only a medical but also a social problem, we demand a sensitive and individual approach of the staff. Based on the positive responses of our patients, we can assume that we manage to fulfill this complicated and difficult task in this critical period of life, during such a difficult and grueling treatment that cancer without any doubt is. After completing the comprehensive treatment of the oncology illness, the patients are monitored on a long-term basis in a specialized oncology clinic of our department. A part of this follow-up are clinical and sonographic examinations, blood taking with the determination of the levels of tumor markers, Pap-smear tests, testing for the presence of viral infection and in indicated cases other paraclinical examinations including a computer tomography or positron emission tomography.