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Postnatal Unit

Visiting hours

At the bedside:
from 4.00 to 5.00 pm

In the visiting room:
from 4.00 to 6.00 pm

Given the capacity and the hygienic and epidemiological reasons and with regard to the privacy of the hospitalized patient these additional restrictions for a visit at the bedside apply:

  • a maximum of two persons are allowed to visit the patient at a time,

  • children under ten years of age are not allowed to visit the department.


Exceptions to restrictions

  • If the pregnant woman is not placed on strict bed rest, it is possible to see her in the visiting room outside of the visiting hours at any given time during the day with the knowledgment of nursing staff.

  • In exceptional cases (greater distance from the place of residence) it may be allowed to visit the patient also outside the visiting hours even at the bedside, always after consultation with the nursing staff.

  • In the case of teenage patients, it is possible to visit them anytime during the day, also with the knowledge of the nursing staff.

  • Visits at the higher standard rooms are without restriction.