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Operating Theatres

There are three operating theatres in total, equipped with modern technology, which enables to perform the whole spectrum of gynecological surgeries, including endoscopic treatments. The endoscopic methods (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy) are among the methods of the so-called minimally invasive procedures. These methods have a long tradition at our workplace.

ObrThese methods allow, with minimal stress to patients, to perform even complex procedures followed by a short-term hospitalization and reconvalescence. The main field of the application of laparoscopic surgical methods is the surgical treatment of endometriosis, the use in the treatment of malignant diseases of female genitalia and the entire spectrum of benign diseases of the female reproductive system.
The workplace is equipped with a top-quality Endo Alpha system by Olympus enabling to implement the full range of laparoscopic procedures, including the onco-gynecology treatments.