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Oncogynecology Department

Oncogynecology Unit is a part of the Oncogynecology Center.

ObrThe Obstetrics and Gynecology Department has been accredited as the Onco-gynecology Center of the Czech Republic, and it provides comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with onco-gynecology illnesses. Considering the scope of the treated patients, it belongs among the largest centers in the Czech Republic. Given the complexity of oncology problems, our department cooperates with various specialists in other medical fields, in order to ensure a comprehensive interdisciplinary view and to individually select the optimal method of diagnosis and treatment of the oncology disease.

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In recent years most of the onco-gynecology patients from the Moravian-Silesian region were treated at our department. The patients have been provided with highly specialized oncology treatment based not only on the diagnostic and therapeutic algorithm of the accurate and verifiable treatment procedures but also on the personnel and technical equipment facilities of the site, on which we place high regards on at our department. Thanks to a direct contact with the leading experts we are able to include the latest findings from various medical scientific disciplines into our diagnostic and treatment protocols. We are one of the two departments in the Czech Republic which has included the concept of the lymphatic mapping and sentinel node detection for patients undergoing radical surgical treatment of the cervix carcinoma in its diagnostic and treatment plan, that allows to detect the presence of individual tumor cells that could not be noticed by standard method of treatment. Since May 2004 our department has been working on a study concerning this problem. The study is funded by the Ministry of Health.

ObrPatients with an anticipated or confirmed malignant disease are examined by the onco-gynecology team that includes (in accordance with the scale and seriousness of the illness) gynecologists, radiodiagnostics specialists, pathologist, clinical oncology specialist, anesthesiologist, urologist and surgeon. After considering all aspects, the most appropriate treatment procedure is selected. Last year we increased the number of opening hours designated for the onco-gynecology consultations in order to provide the highest possible satisfaction to the patients and their referring doctors.

ObrSurgical treatment is one of the possible treatment options for the oncology patients and it includes a wide range of surgical procedures. According to the extent of the disease the correct procedure is performed by the most radical laparotomy approach, but in certain situations the laparoscopic procedures that are ranked among the so-called minimally invasive are also performed. For example the laparoscopic lymfadenectomy, which became a part of treatment for low-risk patients with malign tumor of the uterine body and patients with microinvasive cervical cancer wishing to maintain fertility, is performed.