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The clinic came into existence from the obstetrics-gynaecological department of the former State Hospital, formerly epidemic hospital in Zábřeh nad Odrou. Until May 2002 it was situated in the original pavilion of 1933, where the women's and obstetric department of the Silesian-Ostrava Hospital moved. Originally, this department had 120 beds for patients and 40 beds for newborns.

The first head was the Assistant Professor MUDr. František Pachner, who was a significant official in the organization of midwife schools and also wrote the first textbook for midwives. The school teaching midwives worked here until 1954. The personalities working here in the post-war period included the chief consultant MUDr. Karel Stankuš and the head MUDr. Jiří Šráček.


In 2000, construction of the Mother and Child Care Pavilion started in the premise of Ostrava-Poruba hospital, to which, after its completion, the Obstetrics-Gynaecological Clinic and Neonatogy Department moved in May 2002, which allows for closer cooperation.


The first child in the new maternity hospital was born on 1 June 2002.