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Department of High Risk and Pathological Pregnancies

Visiting hours

At the bedside:
from 4.00 to 5.00 pm

In the visiting room:
from 4.00 to 6.00 pm

This inpatient unit provides care for pregnant women with a high risk pregnancy or with pathological course of pregnancy when it is no longer possible to provide the care via the outpatient clinic because of an increasing risk of health damage of the mother and the fetus. One large group of such patients is a group of pregnant women suffering from a medical condition. These are for example pregnant women with diabetes or other diseases of an endocrine character, hypertension, kidney and liver problems, pregnant women with heart and circulatory system diseases, but also pregnant women with neurological disabilities, including epilepsy, pregnant women with blood clotting disorders etc. During the pregnancy of these high risk mothers, firstly their own health and secondarily the health of their fetuses are endangered.

ObrThe second group of pregnant women consists of mostly mothers with a medical condition affecting primarily the health and life of the fetus. These are for example pregnant women with incompatibility of the antigen system of their own blood elements and blood elements of the fetus (Rh issoimmunization), pregnant with fetal growth restriction and lack of the placental function or pregnant at risk of a miscarriage or premature birth of severely immature infant.

Given the capacity and the hygienic and epidemiological reasons and with regard to the privacy of the hospitalized patient these additional restrictions for a visit at the bedside apply:

  • a maximum of two persons are allowed to visit the patient at a time,
  • children under ten years of age are not allowed to visit the department

Exceptions to restrictions

  • If the pregnant woman is not placed on strict bed rest, it is possible to see her in the visiting room outside of the visiting hours at any given time during the day with the acknowledgment of nursing staff.
  • In exceptional cases (greater distance from the place of residence etc.) it may be possible to visit the patient also after the visiting hours even at the bedside, always after consultation with the nursing staff.
  • In the case of teenage patients, it is possible to visit them anytime during the day, also with the knowledge of the nursing staff.
  • Visits at the higher standard rooms are without restriction.