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Consultancy Clinic for High Risk and Pathological Pregnancy

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Appointments are only possible upon the referral of a gynecologist or other physician specialist.

What is the high risk pregnancy?

We talk about the high risk pregnancy when the pregnant woman does not have any signs of pregnancy pathology, but have so-called "risk factors" that may be known prior to the pregnancy or appear during its course. The pregnant woman with these "risk factors" is endangered from developing some of the pregnancy pathologies during the pregnancy at much higher risk compare to pregnant woman who does not show any of the risk factors. It is therefore advisable to monitor these women during their pregnancies in a specialized consultancy clinic. The Consultancy clinic for high risk pregnancy is equipped with high-quality instrumentation technology and staffed by highly knowledgeable experts in this field. The centralization of such patients in the high risk pregnancy Consultancy Clinic ensures higher quality care during their pregnancy and lowers the risk of pathology occurrence and consequently possible damage to the health of the mother or the fetus.

 What is the aim of the Consultation Clinic for High Risk Pregnancy?

The objective of the clinic is the early detection of possible pregnancy pathologies in women with risk factors and the subsequent quality care of pathological pregnancies.

 What is a pathological pregnancy?

We talk about a pathological pregnancy in case when either the pregnant woman or her fetus (or fetuses) are at a health risk or in a life threatening situation. The degree of the risk varies depending on the nature of the pregnancy pathology. The pathological pregnancy usually occurs in women with so-called "risk factors" (see What is the high risk pregnancy?). However, the development of the pathological pregnancy is not completely ruled out even without these risk factors, it is only less likely to occur.

 What is the aim of the Consultancy Clinic for Pathological Pregnancy?

The objective of the Consultancy Clinic for pathological pregnancy is to care for a pregnant woman in such a way that the pregnancy leads to a labor without damage to the health of the mother or the fetus. However, there are such pathological pregnancies where the expected risk of damage to the health of the mother or the fetus is very high. In these cases, the task of the consultancy care is to minimize the mentioned risks of health damage.

Activities of the Consultancy Clinic for High Risk and Pathological Pregnancies

  • It provides consultancy care for pregnant women with a higher risk of developing the pregnancy complications and for pregnant women with already diagnosed pregnancy complications or with other pregnancy related diseases that may complicate the pregnancy.
  • The outpatient clinic provides counseling and consultancy activities for gynecologists in the field and for the regional high risk pregnancy departments in the region of North Moravia and Silesia.
  • In cases when monitoring of a pregnant woman through outpatient clinic it is no longer possible, a follow-up care for the pregnant woman is provided at the inpatient unit for the high risk and pathological pregnancy at our department.
  • The pregnant woman books to the outpatient clinic for the high risk and pathological pregnancy with her gynecologist’s referral.