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More than 2000 children are born in our maternity hospital each year. Given the status of the perinatological center, we also provide care for clients with high risk of premature birth from other hospitals in the Moravian-Silesian region. Our center covers the largest catchment area of all perinatalogical centers in the Czech Republic. Thus the total number of prematurely born infants is also very high and it makes a substantial proportion of all births at the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department in Ostrava-Poruba. The consequence is the high erudition of our doctors.

ObrIn year 2005 we delivered forty children that weighed less than 1000 grams and another sixty-five children with weight ranging from 1000 to 1499 grams. One hundred and six children were born weighing between 1500 and1999 grams. Two hundred children were born from multiple pregnancies.

 Our hospital facilities can be considered state of art – the monitoring technology consists of the system called OB Trace You, which was installed here as the second in the Czech Republic and which enables the central cardiotocography monitoring to be viewed on a monitoring equipment outside the birthing room itself. This allows continuous monitoring of the fetus while ensuring the privacy of mothers. This device also allows for digital processing and archiving of records. Another equipment used for fetal monitoring is the pulse oximeter, which measures the oxygen supply to the fetus during the labor. There are several high quality ultrasound devices available in our department, primarily for monitoring the outpatient mothers and it is mainly used for examinations in the first and second trimester of pregnancy with a focus on detection of congenital anomalies of the fetus.

ObrDuring labor mothers enjoy our modern and quiet environment and equipment of the five birthing rooms. Mothers stay in the birthing room from the beginning of the labor until the end of the delivery. The birthing rooms are equipped with their own ensuite bathroom facilities and there are no restrictions on the visiting hours. In our maternity hospital more than a half of the mothers bring their children into the world in the presence of a close person, most often a spouse or a partner but we also allow the presence of any other close persons. One of the higher standard birthing rooms is equipped with a hydro-massage bath tub, which can be used for relaxation during the first stage of labor. Of course, there is a possibility of having an epidural analgesia during the labor, which we offer to women in labor any hour of the day.

ObrIf the medical condition allows, the mother herself can choose the birthing position and in the uncomplicated deliveries we allow a free style positioning – using the shower, the tub, a ball, a stool, a mat and so on. Episiotomies are performed only selectively – in recent years we have managed to almost half their frequency.

 A necessary part of the operation theatres in the Obstetric Department are the operating rooms designated only for the caesarean sections. In case an emergency caesarean section needs to be performed, the woman is not transferred anywhere, but the operation is performed in the delivery room itself, which greatly shortens the time of the caesarean section.