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Perinatal centre

ObrObstetrics-Gynaecological Clinic at UH Ostrava i sone of 12 perinatal centres in the Czech Republic. These are highly specialized workplaces with staff, instrumentation and material equipment for care of premature newborns, providing care to women patients with high-risk or pathological course of pregnancy or delivery as well. Other hospitals in the region are obliged to send patients with imminent premature delivery or serious complications resulting in need of early termination of pregnancy into these facilities so that the delivery takes place in these facilities already. Thus the best care of pre-term babies is ensured. This program is known under TRANSFER IN UTERO, and enabled to achieve excellent reset in the area of perinatal medicine, where the Czech Republic ranks among absolute global leaders.

Oncogynaecological centre

ObrOncological issue in gynaecology as well as in other disciplines is complex and requires comprehensive interdisciplinary approach of each employee so that individual approach to each patient can be applied and the proper therapeutic method can be chosen. From the specified facts it follows that the oncological patients should be examined and treated at workplaces that can provide such comprehensive diagnostics and therapy and that meet strict criteria imposed on diagnostics and treatment including regular oncogynaecological evaluation.

Top experts in the given issue currently elaborate the standards of therapeutic procedures for oncogynaecological diseases and use accurate and verifiable data in decision-making and the diagnostic/therapeutic algorithm. These standards include - apart from recommended procedures - also the care structuring - staff and technical equipment of the workplaces, specification of minimum number of individual acts and operations.

The Obstetrics-Gynaecological Clinic at the University Hospital Ostrava operates, among other things, also as an oncogynaecological centre meeting all requirements imposed on activity of such specialized workplace.

ObrIn recent years, most oncogynaecological patients from the region of Northern Moravia and Silesia have been successfully centralized at this workplace. Patients are examined by oncogynaecological team and the most suitable therapeutic modality is chosen based on consideration of all aspects. Administration of chemotherapy is ensured at our workplace since 2002 as well; thus we perform comprehensive treatment of patients with carcinoma of the ovary.

Surgical treatment of oncological patients covers a whole series of operations including laparoscopic lymphadenectomy, which has become a part of treatment of low-risk patients with malignant tumours of uterus body and in patients with microinvasive carcinoma of cervix wishing to preserve fertility.

Since January 2005, a pilot study has taken place for marking of sentinel nodes in patients undergoing radical surgical treatment. This study is supported by IGA MZ grant under No. NR/8144-3.

In the focus of oncogynaecological prevention, a part of which is the outpatient dispensary, patients are monitored with pre-tumour conditions and further patients after treatment of an oncological disease.

Oncogynaecological consultations take place twice a week with indication of treatment in patients with confirmed or suspected malignant disease. In surgical treatment of oncological patients our workplace cooperates with surgery clinic and urology department.

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