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Neurosurgery Clinic of UHO belongs to the top centres in the Czech Republic as to both the scope and spectre of provided care. It is a high specialization, very well staffed and instrumentally and materially equipped workplace, the only one of its kind in the Moravian-Silesian region capable of providing comprehensive care to the patients requiring neurosurgical care in the area of vascular neurosurgery, spinal surgery, children's neurosurgery, tumour diseases of central nervous system, cerebral and medullary injuries, diseases of peripheral nerves, hydrocephalus and pain surgery. Miniinvasive methods of cerebral and spinal operations have been developed on a long-term basis, including particularly neuroendoscopy, stereotactic neurosurgery and miniinvasive operation of degenerative and accidental diseases of spine. In April 2002, the clinic became the Central European training centre in spondylosurgery. The said appointment is the appraisal of many years of success in the field of spinal surgery. In 2006, the clinic was accredited as a postgraduate educational centre. A fair success is further the opening of Spinal Unit as one of the four centres of its kind in the Czech Republic. The Spinal Unit allows for comprehensive care of patients with medullary injury from diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitation and reeducation point of view.


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