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About us

The University Hospital Neurology Clinic is an accredited 2nd-degree centre providing three basic activities:

  • Comprehensive medical, diagnostic and therapeutic care in the field of neurology for the catchment area of approx. 1.2 million inhabitants (Moravian-Silesian region).
  • Scientific research activity including the publishing of results of scientific work.
  • Pregraduate and postgraduate teaching activity in cooperation with Health Social Faculty of the Ostrava University, with the Mining University - Technical University and IPVZ Prague.

The Neurology Clinic, UH Ostrava has 51 standard beds and a total of 13 intensive care beds. The Clinic is subdivided into therapeutic and diagnostic complement and the patient department. The outpatient department contains 5 neurological outpatient surgeries, 2 electroencephalography laboratories, two electromyographic laboratories and one neurosonology laboratories. The clinic has a close cooperation with videoelectroencephalographic laboratory of children's clinic neurology. The patient department of the neurology clinic includes two standard departments and two intensive care units. According to function, the entire clinic is subdivided as follows:

  • Therapeutic centre for demyelinisation diseases
  • Ictus and apalliative centre
  • Centre for electroencephalography and epileptology
  • Centre for sleep and waking disorders
  • Centre for headache diagnostics and therapy
  • Outpatient department for extrapyramidal diseases and cognitive disorders.
  • Advice centre for patients with neuromuscular disease
  • Intensive care unit of the neurology clinic


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