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About us

The Perinatology Center in the University Hospital of Ostrava serves the whole region of Moravia-Silesia with the population of approximately 1.2 million. It covers the sub-regions of Bruntál, Frýdek-Místek, Karviná, Nový Jičín, Opava and Ostrava. Currently it is providing a special care for ten maternity hospitals and their neonatology units in this region, where more than 13,000 infants are born annually. The Perinatology Centre in the University Hospital of Ostrava was established by the Ministry of Health Care in 1995 and its activity has since been guaranteed by Head Physician Dr. Hana Podešvová, who, as the regional neonatologist, is still in charge.

The department provides care for newborns, who were mostly born to mothers with high risk or pathological pregnancies, and who were referred to the Perinatology Centre.

The advantage of the neonatology department is to provide full neonatal care without the necessity of further transport. There is a continual contact between the mother and her child in all departments. These departments initiate and promote lactation and eventually support breastfeeding. In order to allow daily contact of mothers during the long-term hospitalization of the prematurely born children, special beds for breastfeeding mothers were set up.

All year round, especially at Christmas time, we receive lots of letters of gratitude from grateful parents of our little patients with their photographs. It is the most beautiful reward for our demanding efforts, as well as our motivation, for which we would like to express our thankfulness.