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Department structure

Bioptic laboratory

The histopatologic diagnostics of bioptic materials (i.e. material taken from the tissues of living patients in order to determine a diagnosis) represents approximately 70% of the pathology department activities. We process and diagnose material taken from all human tissues with a focus on diagnostics of skin, female genital tract, gastrointestinal tract, lung, urogenital, and brain tissues. Our institute also houses bioptic an immunohistochemical laboratories, which make possible the processing and evaluation of both tumor and non-tumor lesions from sampled tissue.


Cytologic laboratory

We examine cells from all body tissues, especially cytological examinations of lung, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, salivary glands, thyroid, gastrointestinal and breast tissue. We not only carry out needle aspiration biopsies, but also squeeze, brush and rinse cytology. .


Imunohistochemical Laboratory

In the immunohistochemistry and immunocyrochemistry laboratory we perform special examinations leading to the specification of diagnostics of tumor diseases and to the determination of their histogenesis and predictive and prognostic aspects. The methods we apply are based on the detection of particular antigen determinants with the utilization of immunology reaction, i.e. we monitor the relation between the antigen and antibody. To standardize methodology we use automatic coloring equipment for IHC.


Special Methods Laboratory

Necroptic Laboratory

Preparation Room for Electron Microscopy