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About us

The Institute of Pathology is a department within the Ostrava University Hospital, which provides services in the field of pathological anatomy not only for the hospital, but also for other medical centers in the area (with a population of approximately 1,500,000).

Our equipment and team of qualified doctors and specialized laboratory technicians provide the most accurate biopsy and cytological diagnosis available. We apply both classic and modern investigative techniques (immunohistochemistry, histochemistry, immunofluorescence, electron microscopy, molecular pathology, image analysis), and telepathology. Our team consists of eight doctors, thirteen laboratory technicians, five paramedics and three administrative staff. We cooperate with molecular-genetic laboratories and the Ostrava Department of Pathology and Laboratory CGB, the University Hospitals in Olomouc, Prague, Plzen, Brno and other departments of pathology in our region.

The Institute of Pathology primarily focuses on medical activities, but also participates in teaching and research activities.