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Social Workers Department

The University Hospital Ostrava's social workers render assistance to UHO patients of all age groups who, due to an unfavorable health state or poor social situation, got into situations which they are unable to tackle.

The objective of the service is to facilitate the patients’ return to their natural environment and supply them with any information they might need and possibly specific aid for the individual.

The most frequently aided patients

A client not able to solve his/her problems due to:

  • loneliness,
  • handicap (locomotive, sensory, mental),
  • mental defect,
  • dementia,
  • addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling, etc),
  • homelessness,
  • material scarcity.

How and where to require a social worker’s aid

Inpatients can request a visit from a social worker via a competent nurse.


What can we do for you

  • We arrange follow-up in-house care (health resorts, hospices, medical institutions).
  • We provide field services (day care, domiciliary care services, and personal assistance).
  • We provide consulting service on social benefits and support.
  • We assist in searching for accommodation in asylum facilities.
  • We provide consulting service in the area of compensation aids.

Where you can find us?


Fakultní nemocnice Ostrava
17. listopadu 1790, 708 52 Ostrava-Poruba
GPS: 49° 49' 36" N / 18° 09' 40" E
Phone: +420 597 371 111, E-mail:

Visiting hours

Each day from 3.00 p.m. to 6.00  p.m.

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