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Children should only be admitted to the hospital if the care they need cannot be provided equally in domestic treatment or in outpatient form.

Children in hospital should have right to continuous contact with their parents and siblings. Where possible, the parents should be assisted and encouraged to stay with the child in the hospital. To be able to participate in the care of their child, the parents should be fully informed about operation of the department and encouraged to take active part in it.

Children and their parents have the right to information in a form adequate to their age and understanding. They must also have the opportunity to speak openly about their needs with the staff.

Children and their parents, as appropriate, have the right to take informed participation in all decision-making regarding the medical care provided to them. Each child must be protected from any interventions that are not necessary for their treatment and from any useless actions taken to alleviate their physical or emotional excitement.

Children must be treated tactfully and with understanding and their privacy must be respected at all times.

Children must receive the care of adequately trained staff being fully aware of physical and emotional needs of children of any age group.

Children should have the opportunity to wear their own clothes and have their things with them in the hospital.

Children should be taken care of together with other children of the same age group.

Children should be in the environment equipped and furnished so that it corresponds to their development needs and requirements and, at the same time, it should meet the recognized safety rules and policies applicable in children care.

Children should have full opportunity to play, have rest and learn adapted to their age and health condition.

According to National Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital (NAWCH) seated in London. The Central Ethic Commission of the Czech Ministry of Health adapted, approved and declared the text effective as of 25 February 1992.

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