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Information for patients

Admission and dismissal

Admission takes place upon morning visitation. Examination of new patients follows during the morning after admission.

Patients are dismissed into home treatment in morning hours or based on agreement with the attending physician.


If the patient has no diet specified by the physician, they may choose from three meals: choice, vegetarian meal and standard meal. Patients are invited to meal by the nurses in person.

Movement regime

To be explained by the physician. Any departures from department must be reported to the nurse on duty.


At any time based on agreement with the attending nurse.


The visiting hours at all clinics and departments are daily from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. (Exceptions may be specified in the Rules of Operation of the clinic or department.) Apart from this time, the patient may be visited with consent of the attending physician only. For hygienic and psychological reasons, it is not reasonable to take children under 10 to visits at the patients. At the clinic of anaesthesiology and resuscitation and at the intensive care units, visits are permitted with consent of the attending physician only. For health reasons, visits at the clinic of infectious medicine are permitted in dedicated premises only.

Accompanying a child during its hospitalisation

The clinic or department shall provide conditions for the child's parents to stay in the hospital during the hospitalisation. Admission of an accompanying person to the clinic (department) is decided by the admitting physician in relation to the child's health condition. If the physician determines that the child's condition requires an all-day presence of the accompanying person, the parent (relative) is admitted to the relevant medical centre together with the child depending on possibilities of the relevant clinic (department). If the clinic (department) has no bed (room) for the child's accompanying person, accommodation in other capacities of the hospital premise may be used. The person accompanying the child is accommodated based on contract. In the event of an indicated stay of an accompanying person of a child older than six, consent of reviewing physician of the health insurance company where the child is insured is necessary.

If the admitting physician does not indicate accompanies as necessary one, it depends on decision of the relevant clinic (department) whether it is able to provide accommodation to the accompanying person under legal contractual conditions.

Accompaniment of a hospitalised adult patient

Offered by the obstetrics and gynaecology clinic based on contractual relationship.

Personal hygiene

Daily showering, daily exchange of personal underwear and towels and use of paper tissues are recommended.

Leaving for home

Return any borrowed books, cutlery, hospital washing and other borrowed aids.

Transfer from hospital - ambulance service

The patient is entitled to an ambulance only provided that this transport manner of the patient into the place of residence is indicated by the physician.

Social services and home works

To be explained by ward nurse.

Services for the survivors

A patient's death is notified to the nearest relative indicate upon admission of the patient in the medical documentation.

The survivor accepts the deceased person's personal belongings at the relevant clinic or department. The clinic or department submit the deceased person's identity card to the Registry Office of Poruba by means of the Institute of Pathology of the University Hospital Ostrava.

If the outer garments of the deceased patient are kept in central dressing room of the hospital, they are taken over by the survivors based on documents of deposit in the central dressing room.

If the deceased left cash money, valuables or keys (things subject to succession procedure) in the hospital, these are deposited into the UHO safe and reported by legal department to the relevant court for the succession procedure. These things will be issued to the survivors or sent by registered mail for attention of the heir only after completion of succession procedure and ensuing issue of final resolution by the relevant court. In the event of any questions or concerns, the survivors may contact the legal department of UH Ostrava.

Further procedure:

  • Clothes for the deceased are taken over by the ambulance staff of the Institute of Pathology every business day from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. (The Institute of Pathology is closed on weekends and holidays!)

  • The survivors shall receive the certificate of death by mail from the Registry Office Poruba. The UHO Institute of Pathology does not issue certificates of death!

Note: entrance for survivors into the Institute of Pathology is through the main gate from the bus stop in Slabihoudkova Street.

Lost and found items

To be reported to the nurse on duty

Further information

The information is posted on boards of individual clinics and departments.

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Visiting hours

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