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House rules

House rules are binding for all patients treated at the University Hospital Ostrava. We ask the patient to observe the following instructions:

Upon admission into the hospital, give your clothes and underclothing to the central reception employee. They shall take care of its storage and lend you the necessary hospital linen. With consent of the attending physician, own linen may be used at some clinics and departments on condition that its necessary exchange is provided for. If you have any larger sum of cash or valuables with you, we recommend that you give them over into custody against receipt. Patients are obliged to give over any weapons into custody! In the cases above, address the central admission employees as well. Patients are obliged to inform the attending physician of any medicines brought in; the physician shall decide whether such medicines should be given over into custody against receipt.

You have the right to a clean bed, but you also have the obligation to keep cleanness. Bed linen is exchanged as necessary, but at least once in a week.

Keep tidiness in all premises of the hospital whether in the interior or exterior.

Boarding and diet are determined by the attending physician. It is in your interest to observe the dietary recommendations and refrain from unnecessary interfering with the course of therapy because diet is a part of the treatment! Lying patients are given the meals at the bed. Walking patients have meals in dining rooms. It is forbidden to bring and consume alcoholic drinks of any kind in the hospital!

Smoking in the hospital is forbidden!

Do not disturb the patients by noisy behaviour. The nighttime calm must be kept from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. We also ask you to keep the midday rest from 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. Notify also your relatives and close persons of the necessity to keep this regime.

If you have permission to have walks, observe the times and premises reserved for the walking. Report your departure in advance to the nurse at the clinic or department. It is forbidden to leave the hospital without the physician's permit.

Spare the hospital equipment and inventory. If you cause damage you will be charged for It.

The visiting hours at all clinics and departments is daily from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Apart from this time, the patient may be visited with consent of the attending physician only. For hygienic and psychological reasons, it is not reasonable to take children under 10 to visits at the patients. At the clinic of anaesthesiology and resuscitation and at the intensive care units, visits are permitted with consent of the attending physician only. For health reasons, visits at the clinic of infectious medicine and in burn centre are permitted in dedicated premises only.

Reports on health condition of the patients are given by attending physicians or heads of the clinics and chief physicians of departments.

Our hospital provides also library service to its clients. During your stay you can borrow books for free at the individual clinics and departments. Information is given by the attending nurse.

If fire breaks out in the hospital or any other unexpected situation, keep cool and follow the hospital employees' instructions.

Information about services provided for direct payment is given by the admission reception.

Prior to termination of the therapeutic stay you are obliged to account all fees for services provided.

When leaving the hospital, return any borrowed items. Your clothes, underclothing and other things you have placed into custody at the central admission.

We ask you to approach your treatment with active interest in your health and with trust in capabilities and skills of our physicians and nurses. Establishing of mutual relationship of trust and co-operation between the patient and medical staff is the precondition of successful treatment.

We believe that you will be satisfied with the provided care and all the other services and keep your favour in respect of our hospital.

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