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The Department of Haematooncology at the University Hospital Ostrava was opened on 1st March 2013, however the clinical department (former Institute of Clinical Haematology) has over 30-year tradition (see History). We provide specialized care for patients with diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs from the Moravian-Silesian region, also in close cooperation with other haematology departments. In selected diagnoses (multiple myeloma, amyloidosis), we offer highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services for patients from the whole of the Czech Republic and the European Union.

Being a university department, we also offer the patients, apart from standard treatment procedures, the possibility to participate and receive treatment in various clinical trials. Research programs have been prepared for students of the Medical Faculty and Faculty of Science of the Ostrava University who are interested in research and development. Specialists from the Department of Haematooncology participate upon pregradual education of students from the Medical Faculty OU. The department also participates on several European research and educational projects. We closely cooperate with other clinics, departments and institutes of the University Hospital Ostrava, and also with numerous other departments dealing with the same clinical and research topics in the Czech Republic, the European Union and the USA.

The care at the Department of Haematooncology is provided namely on the out-patient basis at haematology clinics with Day Care services; the patients may be also hospitalized at the inpatient ward (18 beds) or the haematooncology ICU (8 beds), providing 24-hour/day service for complicated and intensive cases. The team of our physicians provides continuous consultant services at other departments of the hospital, and telephone consultations for numerous other clinical departments of the Moravian-Silesian region. The Department of Haematooncology also includes the following specialized centres:  HTC FN Ostrava – Haemophilia Treatment Centre for Adults and Centre for Treatment of Amyloidoses. The quality of care is guaranteed and monitored, and it has also been confirmed by the prestigious Joint Commission International Accreditation, obtained by FNO in 2010. You may find more detailed information in individual chapters of our website, especially in the News section.

I believe that our website will contribute to a better communication with our patients, our colleagues from the Czech Republic and abroad, but also with volunteers and sponsors, the help of whom is always most welcome. We are looking forward to possible future cooperation with you.


prof. Roman Hájek, MD, CSc.
Head Physician, Department of Heamatooncology

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