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About us

 Long stay patient sanatorium Klokočov is a detached workplace of the University Hospital Ostrava. It is situated nearby (approx. 4 km) from the city of Vítkov in Opava district at the altitude of nearly 600m in picturesque landscape of Nízký Jeseník.

Spectre of care

The long stay patient sanatorium Klokočov provides follow-up therapeutic, rehabilitation, nursing and palliative care to patient of the University Hospital Ostrava, but also to patients from other patient and outpatient medical facilities of the Moravian-Silesian region.

Quality of provided care is on above-standard level, comprising a wide spectre of provided services. The facility disposes of high quality staffing and instrumentation and highly professional and technical background on top level provided for by UH Ostrava. The facility prefers active approach to the treatment of patients covering a whole range of real therapeutic procedures, the aim of which is to improve the self-service and mobility of the patients, alleviation of a wide spectre of difficulties, achievement of long-term stabilization of health condition. The facility has a therapeutic rehabilitation workplace with quality technical equipment and staffing including the possibility to apply a wide range of spa-type therapeutic procedures - electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, hydrotherapeutics, paraffin, gas injections, laserscanner, inhalation, ergotherapy). Rehabilitation focuses not only on care of chronic diseases of the locomotoric system, but also on acute conditions - rehabilitation after brain bouts, after fractures, etc. and it cooperates with numerous clinical centres of UH Ostrava (traumatology centre, clinic of internal medicine, orthopaedic department, etc.). Program of decubital prevention and treatment and treatment of chronic wounds continue to be developed; wet healing method is applied in combination with other therapeutic methods (therapeutic laser). Since 2006, palliative, nursing and rehabilitation care has been newly provided to oncological patients in cooperation with the Oncological Clinic at UH Ostrava.