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Centre of Clinical Studies of the University Hospital is the first stop and entrance point for the successful placement of clinical evaluation for our investigators. The center mediates fluent and efficient communication between the sponsors on one side and the investigators of clinical studies on the other side. Since its establishment the center has served for both investigators and sponsors, making their communication more fluent and flexible.
Without approval from the Center of Clinical Studies it is impossible to assign any studies. The client must consult with the CCS data manager in the areas of study design and selection of investigator. After this, the investigator is approached, an economic analysis is made and, after a consultation with the director, a committee issues a decision, whether or not such study will be carried out in the University Hospital. It is then possible to submit an application for the approval of clinical testing to Local Ethics Committee with all appropriate details.

The primary mission of the CCS is to make the processes related to clinical studies faster and more efficient; the centre´s methodology significantly contributes to our mission, to the appreciation by our partners and associates.