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Department of Medical Genetics has an exceptional position in terms of UH Ostrava because of its supraregional importance following from the catchment area of major part of Northern Moravia with 1,200,000 inhabitants, particularly for laboratory of the department. Medical genetics is a separate scientific discipline in the system of medical sciences. It is based on the knowledge of general and experimental genetics and uses its own methods to analyse the etiological share of genetic and external factors in development of a disease and defects. It contributes to interpretation of their formal and causal pathogenesis, brings new diagnostic possibilities in revealing of heterozygotes, carriers of dispositions in patients. It is a considerable contribution in therapeutic area as well, not only in determination of therapeutic procedure, but also in monitoring of the results of treatment, particularly in oncohaematological issues. The basic feature of the discipline is its preventive orientation. It is a multidisciplinary field the results of which are reflected in all fields of medical care.