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The Clinic of Surgery of the University Hospital Ostrava provides comprehensive therapeutic care for patients of both adult and children age. It provides both the basic and primarily specialized and superspecialized care for patients from the city and the region as well, i.e. 1.2 million inhabitants.

Annually about 4.100 patients are hospitalised at the Clinic of Surgery and 3,400 mostly specialized operations are performed. Attention focuses on diagnostics and treatment of surgical and particularly oncosurgical diseases, issues of vascular surgery, thoracic surgery and children's surgery. Significant portion of the activity is the issue of urgent and acute conditions, consulting activity and subsequent solution of serious post-operation conditions and complications, septic conditions and necessary reoperations, particularly in patients from other workplaces.

Clinic of Surgery provides 24-hour availability of specialized surgical care for both adults and children patients.

For patients with specialized and superspecialized care, it provides for post-operation monitoring with subsequent dispensing.

In terms of general surgery, miniinvasive surgery is the dominant program apart from the basic operations. Using advanced instruments and devices, it is possible to perform extensive laparoscopic procedures, primarily in section of oncologic surgery and coloproctology. Patients are operated in full scope due to diseases of esophagus, diaphragmatic hiatus, gallbladder and biliary duct diseases and tumour diseases of liver and pancreas. Also due to benign and malignant diseases of small intestine and colon and colorectal diseases.

As a routine, the clinic operates due to endocrinology diseases, including adrenal operations using the miniinvasive technique.

In section of miniinvasive surgery, operations are performed as a routine due to esophagus reflux disease, laparoscopically assisted esophageal resections, stomach bandage due to obesity, stomach resection, resection of small intestine and colon and coloanal resections including low rectal resections. Common procedures include operations of inguinal hernia, appendectomy and solution of post-operation complications due to adhesions in abdominal cavity. Clinic of surgery performs renal removal in relative donors in terms of miniinvasive surgery.

Vascular surgery provides comprehensive diagnostics and operational treatment in the area of vascular reconstruction procedures. Surgical operations with angioinvasive procedures are combined here and this workplace is one of two in the Czech Republic where advantages of laparoscopic approach are used. The clinic provides continuous service for solution of broken abdominal aortal aneurysm. It provides care for acute vascular event where patients are referred to this centre from both the city and the region.

Endoscopic section of the Clinic of Surgery focuses on diagnostics of both digestive tract diseases and miniinvasive operations using the operating rectoscope, operations of hemorrhoids using LONGO technique.

Mammology takes care of patients with benign and malignant diseases of mamma including the dispensing. Detection of sentinel nodes has resulted in improved therapeutic quality not only in mammological patients, but also in patients operated for skin tumours.

Children's surgery section provides for care of patients of child age in full scope. Dominant areas include treatment of congenital development defects including the operations of newborn children, treatment of acute conditions including NBP and treatment of patients after trauma treatment and subsequent therapeutic care after intensive therapy in patients with polytrauma.

Thoracic surgery provides extensive spectre of thoracosurgeries, both diagnostic and operation ones, including the use of thoracoscopic operations.

Mediastinoscopy, both diagnostic and peroperation one, is fully used.

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