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Clinic of Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine

The Clinicof Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine (RPM) provides a comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for a wide range of illnesses in all age groups.

In close collaboration with other clinical disciplines the care is provided in the indicated cases, to all patients hospitalized in all departments and centers of the University Hospital of Ostrava, and if a comprehensive care is necessary, the department offers more intensive care in the inpatient unit, with a capacity of 25 beds. The bed capacity is not limited by the University Hospital catchment range.

In the majority of cases, the care is provided in outpatient clinic in the recently reconstructed part of the University Hospital Policlinics. All components of comprehensive care (kinesiotherapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy) are provided by a team of qualified staff (physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists). For specific areas of disease we apply the most advanced therapeutic methods and concepts (condition after cerebrovascular event, movement child therapy, therapy of urinary tract, infertility treatment by Ms. Mojžíšová, hand therapy after plastics surgery, conditions following spinal cord lesions etc.). For an application of physical therapy the clinic has a wide range of modern devices (such as laser, shockwave machine, etc.).

In after hours periods, afternoons and evenings, the outpatient clinic offers a wide range of regeneration and reconditioning services on commercial bases.

The clinic of therapeutic rehabilitation is an accredited center for erudition in the field of RPM. The clinic’s staff is involved in the education of undergraduate students from University of Ostrava. The department organizes postgraduate courses for physiotherapists and occupational therapists from all corners of the Czech Republic.