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Clinic of Pediatrics

ObrThe Clinic of Paediatrics provides the widest spectre of paediatric subspecializations in the Moravian-Silesian region; it is at the peak of pyramid in the region from the point of health facility network in accordance with the childcare conception. From this point, unique departments include pulmology outpatient department, children's haematology outpatient department, children's rheumatology outpatient department, adolescents' medicine outpatient department, children's endocrinology department, including the centre for treatment of children using the growth hormone, centre for congenital hypothyrosis and centre for children with premature adolescence. Further, we provide care in the following disciplines: children's nephrology, allergology and clinical immunology, children's gastroenterology and children's cardiology.

ObrApart from standard paediatric care, the Clinic of Paediatrics includes also the centre for treatment of children's blood diseases and, in co-operation with UH Brno, it participates in treatment of children with solid tumours.

The Clinic of Paediatrics operates as an educational centre for the 1st line paediatricians and for type I medical facilities.

Centralization of paediatric disciplines (Clinic of Paediatrics, Children's Neurology Clinic, Department of Paediatric Resuscitation and Intensive Care with children's dialysis section) into the newly reconstruction children's pavilion of 1999 enabled to rationalize the operation, with the aim of complex and high-quality care of the child patient "under the same roof").

ObrThe Clinic of Pediatrics is a part of the UH Ostrava with the complete spectre of consulting and examination resources and capacities based on the possibilities of co-operation with experts in other disciplines (Department of Paediatric Resuscitation and Intensive Care. Neonatology Department, Clinic of Surgery, Children's Neurology Clinic, Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, Clinic of Infectious Medicine, Burn Centre, Traumatology Centre, Children's Psychiatrics, Children's Dermatology, Centre for Children with Eye Defects, etc.). Examination complements (Institute of Clinical Biochemistry, Radiodiagnostic Institute, Clinic of Nuclear Medicine) as well as experts from the said disciplines are available 24 hours a day.