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The Clinic of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery provides basic, specialized as well and superspecialized care for the Moravian-Silesian region with approx. 1.2 million inhabitants. It provides consulting services to dentists and physicians of other disciplines. It operates also as a training centre accredited by the Czech Dental Chamber for postgraduate education of physicians-dentists. It participated in pregraduate practical training of medical students and education in terms of High School of Medicine in Ostrava. In 2006 it also obtained the accreditation of the Ministry of Health for education in this field. It participates in preparation of working evenings of the Club of Doctors in Ostrava; employees of the clinic are traditionally active at various expert meetings.

The centre offer diagnostic and therapeutic/preventive care in full scope of maxillofacial and dentoalveolar surgery. The therapy focuses primarily on surgical procedures.

In terms of treatment of orofacial injuries, the clinic operates as a part of regional traumacentre and deals with treatment of all injuries of soft and rigid tissues, with use of modern osteosynthetic methods. Co-operation with contact disciplines - ophthalmologists, plastic surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists and neurosurgeons is a common practice. Wide interdisciplinary cooperation in terms of UHO is a matter of course.

In the area of oncology, emphasis is placed on comprehensive tumour therapy. The clinic provides oncosurgical part of the treatment including extensive resections and cooperates closely with oncological clinic of UHO.

Treatment of acute conditions forms substantial portion of the workload, i.e. apart from injuries primarily heavy maxillary inflammations, disease of salvary glands, further preprosthetic procedures including neoformations with use of dermoepidermal grafts; surgical corrections of maxillary anomalies are performed in cooperation with orthodontists. Very frequent dentoalveolar procedures are concentrated primarily in outpatient section of the workplace. Marginally, the clinic deals with dental implantology as well.

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