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Nuclear medicine is a medical discipline using open radioactive radiators for diagnostic, therapeutic and research purposes. In the area of diagnostics, either radioactive preparations are administered to the patient - in-vivo examination, or samples taken from patients are processed using the radioisotope techniques - in vitro examination. In all cases, the negative effect of ionising radiation on both patients and the staff is minimised.

The Clinic of Nuclear Medicine is a technical workplace and its diagnostic and therapeutic methods reflect the development of science and technique; it is manifested in modern equipment and corresponding premium training of the staff. The whole clinic is equipped with computer technology and connected with hospital information system.

The Clinic of Nuclear Medicine with its equipment, number of procedures performed and number of employees ranks among the biggest facilities of its kind in the Czech Republic. From the point of the care provided it is a complex workplace (outpatient department, patient department, laboratory, section of radiopharmaceuticals preparation, physical technical section) offering to the other clinical centres a wide spectre of examination and therapeutic methods in line with development in this country and around the world.

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