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Clinic of infectious medicine

At present, the Clinic of Infectious Medicine of UH Ostrava is a modern infectious department providing complete medical care to patients with contagious diseases.

Patients of all age categories are hospitalised at the clinic, including infants, which is unusual in comparison to the surrounding infectious departments. Simultaneous hospitalisation of a parent is possible in young children.

Care is provided to the whole spectre of infectious diseases; though, majority of patients suffer from diarrhoea, central nervous system inflammation, hepatic diseases including viral hepatitis and infections initiated by herpetic viruses. The clinic has 50 standard beds and a total of 8 intensive care beds. The intensive care unit centralizes the patients with serious course of infectious diseases, particularly neuroinfection, from both Moravian-Silesian and Olomouc regions.

Outpatient department forms an integral part of the clinic. It consists of admission outpatient department, numerous specialized outpatient departments (hepatologic, neuroinfectious, for herpetic infections, travel medicine outpatient department, for zoonoses and chlamydia infections). AIDS centre is included as well. In recent years, the clinic for treatment of infectious diseases and AIDS in Ostrava hospitalises approx. 2,500 patients each year; at the outpatient departments, we treat almost 5,000 patients in which approx. 13,000 examinations are performed.

Hospitalisation and outpatient care is provided by experienced team of 8 physicians, 38 nurses and 12 other employees.

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