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The Center for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery specializes in complete care within the field (with the exception of cleft problems). In collaboration with the Department of Dermatology of UHO we provide surgery for skin cancer of both benign and malign natures, including the masking of defects after various postoperative adjustments. We also specialize in the surgery on malign melanomas. Sentinel node biopsies and subsequent surgery on the lymph nodes are a standard of the department. The Center also performs plastic-surgical treatments addressing the problem of coverage of soft tissues of the entire body, where the problem cannot be remedied by standard surgical procedures, including breast reconstruction surgery.
The Department of Hand Surgery performs surgery on congenital anomalies, traumatic conditions, corrections of rheumatic cases, surgeries on Dupuytren’s contractures, entrapment neuropathies such as the carpal tunnel syndrome etc. Tendon, blood vessel and hand-nerve injuries are also commonly treated. The Center provides a 24-hour replantation emergency service for hand injuries.

The department also performs aesthetic facial treatments, corrections of nose, ears, breast reduction and augmentation, abdominoplasties, body-sculpturing (including liposuction).

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