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Quality Assurance

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Certifikát ISO 9001:2000


Transfusion blood products are often used in situations when lives of severely ill patients are threatened. In relation to this topic there is also an increased public awareness and expectation of assured quality and safety of these products. Delivering a high level of quality and safety of transfusion products can only be achieved by applying the principles of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and the principles of ISO 9001:2008 in regards to collection, processing, storage, dispensing, quality control and quality assurance of these products.
The Blood Transfusion Center of the University Hospital of Ostrava follows the GMP under the authorization of the State Institute for Drug Control for control of pharmaceuticals in the range of: blood collection, apheresis, processing of blood and its components for transfusion products, production of plasma for fractionation, purchase, storage and dispensing of blood derivatives and laboratory controls related to manufacturing activities.
The Blood Transfusion Center is certified by the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 not only within the scope of pharmaceutical production, but also within the scope of investigation of samples as a part of the services provided by the laboratory of immunohematology, HLA and DNA Laboratory and virology laboratories. We do not regard this certificate as our ultimate goal but rather as a tool that contributes to achieving even better results in the field of blood products quality assurance.
The Blood Transfusion Center committed to adhere to quality assurance policy in order to continuously improve all its processes and to increase the satisfaction of donors, customers and other stakeholders.
We promote the philosophy that the purpose of quality assurance (according to GMP and ISO 9001:2008) is to ensure, optimize, and especially improve all processes in our facility.



Our vision is to become the processing center for the entire Moravian-Silesian region.


We provide transfusion products for clinical health care facilities in Ostrava and surrounding areas. We produce plasma that is in collaboration with foreign executors processed into blood derivatives such as albumin, factor VIII, IX concentrates, fibrinogen, antithrombin and immunoglobulins.
We are a highly specialized department, providing almost comprehensive services in the field of transfusion medicine to the Moravian-Silesian region.


The mission of the Blood Transfusion Center of the University Hospital Ostrava (UHO) is to maintain and continually improve the quality of manufactured transfusion products and provided services in order to meet the current and future needs and to meet the expectations of our customers and all stakeholders.
To accomplish this mission the management of the Blood Transfusion Center of the UHO has launched a quality assurance policy whose major targets are:

  • supply customers with transfusion products and provide services in a quality that fully meets their requirements and needs;
  • be aware of the current and anticipate the future needs of blood donors and use this knowledge to increase their satisfaction;
  • introduce new procedures and methods in accordance with the growth of knowledge in the field of processing of transfusion products;
  • use qualified staff, ensure their continual education, professional growth, training and motivation, and lead the company employees to recognize the responsibility for their work;
  • create an environment for teamwork while problem-solving, and fully integrate the system of quality assurance into the daily routine of all workers;
  • produce transfusion products and provide services according to the current legislation, in accordance with the requirements of the State Institute for Drug Control, and in accordance with the requirements of hospitals accreditation standards.

The Management of the Blood Transfusion Center of the UHO fully endorses the individual provisions of the Czech National Standard ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009, which guarantees the fulfillment of this Quality Assurance Policy, and promotes their effective implementation, aimed at a continual improvement of the effectiveness of the quality assurance management system.
All staff members at all levels are expected to take such an attitude towards reaching the fulfilling target and work tasks to make it possible for the quality policy to be fully implemented.
The Quality Assurance Policy is regularly reviewed during the quality assurance management system assessment led by the Management, with respect to its enduring suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.