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The Blood Centre started as a Regional Transfusion Station in provisional premises of the Municipal Hospital Fifejdy in 1953.


In 1965, it moved into the new separate building in Ostrava-Poruba, which was the first of long-planned constructions of the present University Hospital. Full blood was taken and later also plasma for special purposes. Production of diagnostic sera, immunohaematological and serological diagnostics developed gradually. Outpatient centre was established for diagnostics, therapy and dispensing of patients with congenital and acquired haemostasia disorders.


Since 1968, the department has provided outpatient care to haemophilic patients from the adjacent catchment area of the former North-Moravian Region. According to the then conception of transfusion service, the centre had a close cooperation with the other District Transfusion Stations and provided technical and professional services.


After 1990, the Plasmafferetic Centre and Centre for Therapeutic Plasmaffereses started its activity, while the former Regional Transfusion Station changed its name to Blood Centre of the University Hospital and Policlinic Ostrava.

In late 1990s, transformation of production procedures of the Blood Centre was performed in accordance with principles of good production practice. Production activity of the Blood Centre is audited by SÚKL (State Institute of Drug Control) since 1996.

In 1999 to 2000, modern reconstruction of the original building was performed.


Since 2002, the Blood Centre has been the holder of quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2000. Since the same year, Blood Centre of UHO has had a close cooperation with the Health Social Faculty of the Ostrava University.